MetropolisGo: 'The betrayal of Maastricht'


Grote Gracht 7
6211 SR Maastricht
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With the MetropolisGo tablet(s) you will experience the city of Maastricht like never before!

Using one of their tablets, MetropolisGo: “The betrayal of Maastricht” will take you on the most advanced walking tour experience the country has to offer.

No more groups and guides, but instead the most visual and entertaining tour with the best city stories and information served to you in the palm of your hand.
Let Sjengske be your guide and let him show you all the little secrets and juicy stories that even locals often don’t know about!

The freedom to rest, explore, shop and experience what the city has to offer, all at your own leisure.

Once you’ve picked up the tablet at your chosen pick up location, you have already started; MetropolisGo: “The betrayal of Maastricht”.
It really is that simple!


  • jeden Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag und Samstagvon 11:00 bis 13:30
    von 14:00 bis 16:30
  • jeden Sonntagvon 12:00 bis 14:30


  • Gruppen24,95 €
  • Prices are charged per tablet.

    For an optimal experience, we recommend max. 3 people per tablet


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